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Finding aids for archival items.

Archive Framed Artwork

Finding Aid 41
Union College Archives

UC 34.1 Archive Framed Artwork

Record Group :  34 (Archival Items – Multisource)

Collection : 1

Location : Archives Room on Flat Shelves

Processing Information : Finding Aid created by Bruce Miracle on September 29, 2010. Updated and second list added on October 13, 2010

Contents Note:  Items on the two content lists consist of various framed paintings, prints, photographs and other media that have been deposited in the archives over a number of years from various sources

Contents Note:  These two descriptive lists of framed items were created by Emily Jones, Library Circulation Assistant, in September and October 2010. The listing has been updated as new items were added.

Contents (2 Lists):


Paintings/Photographs in Archives

1.)    An American Masterpiece by the Aaron Brothers of California (lithograph – 5700) Fall lake Landscape Scene. Given in memory of Mrs. Ruth B. Nelson by Mr. and Mrs. Grant Asher  24 ½ X 42 inches

 2.)    Architectural Print (possibly watercolor) – “Addition to Library Building – Union College Barbourville, KY  John F. Wilson & Assoc. – Architects, Lexington KY” By Chas Akers ‘61  20 X 30 inches

3.)    Print of Eagle standing on American Flag, includes a quote by President George Bush (January 20, 1989) by Mitchell D. Talle. Print has a Gilded Frame.  Gift from Cherry Owens. Printed Treasures 12/100 Established 1990 Signature?  31 ½ X 37 ½ inches

4.)    Black and White framed Photograph of “Jack C. Phillips and the Energy Gas Committee Strike Gas – October 28, 1983” Pictured from left to Right – Dr. Harold E. Jones, D. Deril Mays, Dr. Jack Phillips, Mr. Sam Davies, Dr. Walter Powell, not pictured Mr. James Murphy  31 X 17 inches

5.)    Framed Ariel Picture of Barbourville KY (color) including Union College Campus by Bob Boyd Aerial Photos #48  20 X 24 inches

6.)    Framed Photograph, written on picture, “This is a photograph of the first explosion of atomic shell fired from a cannon – witnessed by us a Freudman’s Flat, Nevada on May 29, 1953” – Jim Robsion Jr. M.C. Class of 1919  23 X 27 inches

 7.)     Portrait of Abigail E. Weeks, Oil painting on board (Plaque with her name mounted on Painting). 31 X 25 inches

8.)    Wooden Memorial Display with brass gilding. “In Memoriam World War II”

“Union College honors her sons who died in Service”

-Hobart Elmer Brock, Henry W. Jones, Harold P. Corey, Kenneth Marsee, Frank N. Dunn, Curtis Massey, Herman A. Faulkner, Gillous G. Miracle, William O. Herndon, Claude P. Smith, John Randall Hudson, James W. Sowder, Walter W. White, Lawrence Smith, Edison J. Disney  34 X 25 inches

9.)    Lithographic Landscape of Chateau of Chillon by G. Courbet.  27 ½ x 32 inches

African Collection

10.)  Oil on Board – Landscape of African Village with small huts (Mountainous Background). By Nolkasi (name hard to distinguish)  21 X 26 inches

11.)  Oil on Canvas – Three African Huts in Village. Writing on back provides painting title, “Leopoldville” 1959 by Samba (possibly Sambi) Phillip (Philipe). Engraved Plaque that states, “Given by Emily and L.G. Sapp”18 X 13 inches

 12.)  Oil on Canvas – River Scene in Africa that includes two men boating nearby a village by Samba (possibly Sambi) Phillip 1959. Given by Emily and L.G. Sapp. 19 ½ X 15 ½ inches

13.) Oil on Board – Writing on back provides painting title, “Burning of Tall Grass” by Nolkasi? (name hard to distinguish) Bought in Kinshasa, Zaire 1972. A scene of two people boating on a lake in Africa. 15 X 19 inches

14.) Oil on Canvas – African forest village scene in which the lake reflects the sky. Writing on painting is hard to distinguish – either the painting is by someone named Bomeko or it is referring to the city of Bamako, Mali, possibly. 16 x 31 inches

15.) Oil on Canvas – African villagers stand on riverfront and watch two men boating nearby by Nolkasi? (name hard to distinguish) 25 X 17 ½ inches

16.) Three African watercolor scenes depicting African hunters spearing animals at night by Oballbi? (name hard to distinguish) 38 X 15 inches

End of African Collection

17.) Sketch Portrait of an elderly man. First name is W.V. but unable to make out last name. 17 X 23 ½ inches

18.)  Framed Photograph of “The Loyal Eighteen” accompanied with newspaper articles documenting the significance of the group. 18 X 22 inches

19.) Lithograph of Barbourville, KY? A scene of early Barbourville around the time it was first settled. (Sticker on front identifies it as Barbourville).  22 X 16 inches

20.) Ray Harm Print – A Blue Jay and Ground Squirrel. Plate No. XIII. 19 X 23 ½ inches

21.) Black and White framed Photograph of Dwight D. Eisenhower speaking with unknown. 24 X 20 inches

22.)  Watercolor of Barbourville Brick Company - located on the back campus of Union College (This information was provided by a sticker located on the front of the painting). The watercolor is by H. Hitchcock. 26 X 20 inches

23.) Black and White Collection of Photographs of Men (possibly the Kentucky State Senate) Center Picture is William O’Connell Bradley, United States Senator – Elect. Printed on the Picture is the quote, “They All Sat Steady in the Boat” as well as the year “1908” and a city “Frankfort, KY”. Photos by H.A. Gretter.  28 X 22 inches

24.)  Lithograph? – Portrait of John Wesley (Founder of Methodism) by Frank O. Salisbury. 23 ½ X 19 ½ inches

25.)  Oil on Canvas Portrait of John Wesley (Founder of Methodism) by J.E. Parker 1982 after Frank O. Salisbury. 20 X 24 inches


Paintings in Archives list 2

  1. Ray Harm Print – “Yellow breasted Chat” Ieteria Virens. Crest Plate VI. 19 ½ X 16 ¾ inches
  2. Black and White Photographs (Collage) of scenes from Union College 1906-1921. 21 X 17 ½ inches
  3. Charter of Phi Delta Kappa – Charter Members (Union College, Kentucky) October 11, 1982. 18 X 24 inches
  4. Anne Ophelia Dowden Print – “Piedmont Azalea (Rhododendron Canescens)” Plate No. XIX. 15 X 18 inches
  5. Anne Ophelia Dowden Print – “Black-eyed Susan, Honeysuckle, Fringed Loosestrife.” Plate No. XVIII. 15 X 18 inches
  6. Ray Harm Print – “Mountain Chickadee – Parusgameli”. Crest Plate XII. 19 ½ X 16 ¾ inches
  7. Architectural Print of ??? by Roan Framing. 26 ½ X 19 inches
  8. Black and White Aerial Photograph of the Union College Campus – Photographer unknown. 19 X 23 inches
  9. Pen and Ink of Sewing Spinning Wheel and basket by Muff Jones. 22 ½ by 18 ½ inches.
  10. Copy of Declaration of Independence “Presented to Union College by the class of 1933” – W.R. Lundy. 15 X 17 inches
  11. Pen and ink drawing of Augusta College, Augusta KY. 11 ½ X 13 ½ inches
  12.  Framed Phi Delta Kappa District VIII Award presented to Union College for achievement as an outstanding chapter 1988-89. 16 X 13 ½ inches
  13. Black and White Photograph of (First name unknown? Last name Stewart) – Library Donor. 13 X 17 inches
  14. Watercolor or lithograph? Of Abigail E. Weeks Memorial Library – Union College of Kentucky. 14 ½ X 9 ¾ inches
  15. Framed Union College Board of Trustee Resolution 1993. 14 X 16 ½ inches
  16. Black and White handwritten map of trails and roads of early Knox County and Historic Sites. May by Dwight D. Warren, copyright 1996 from the History of Knox County, Kentucky by K.S. Sol Warren 1976. 12 X 14 ½ inches
  17. Small Painting of Cumberland Falls, watercolor by former Union College Faculty member W.F. Gilmore, 12 ¾ X 9 ¾ inches
  18. Small Painting of outdoor scene (river and mountains) watercolor by former Union College Faculty member W.F. Gilmore, 12 2/4 X 9 ¾
  19. Anne Ophelia Dowden Print – Ox–ey Daisy, Lady-slipper Buttercup.” Plate No. XVII. 15 ¼ X 18 inches
  20. Wooden Plaque for The Union College Parents’ Association, “In honor of Parents interested in the college.” 15 X 20 inches
  21. Framed Future Teachers of America Charter, John Owen Gross Chapter, Union College, Barbourville, KY, March 26, 1943. 18 ¾ X 15 ¼ inches
  22. Black and White Aerial Photograph of the “Skyline Highway to the Pinnacle at Cumberland Gap.” 13 ¼ X 10 inches
  23. Black and White photograph of Elsie W. Cuhn, sister of Geo H. Wilson and Lena Keesling. Room dedicated to her in Science Building. 11 X 14 inches
  24. Black and White photograph of Lena W. Keesling. 11 X 14 inches
  25. 2 Black and White (Sepia tone) photographs of John Henry Wilson. 15 X 10 ½ inches
  26. Black and White watercolor of Three African Men boating in a canoe (1959). 13 ¾ inches X 17 inches
  27. Black and White watercolor of African man climbing a tree (1959). 13 ½ X 17 inches
  28. Framed Union College Program (During President Mahlon A. Miller’s term). 17 X 14 inches
  29. Framed Charter for Union College Kentucky Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, November 2, 1985. 14 ¼ X 20 inches.
  30. Framed photograph of Margaret Senters with a background montage of the four presidents she has worked for.
  31. Framed and signed photograph of Congressman Hal Rogers with members of KCEOC