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Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library

Union College Archives

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Since 1879, Union College has compiled a history that reflects its uncompromising commitment to excellence. Awards have been won by faculty, staff, and students; concerts and plays have been performed by talented artists within its halls; and new buildings have been dedicated to the ongoing college mission.

As the milestones that mark Union's proud heritage come and go, the records of those treasured moments are collected in the library Archives. Here you can peruse the college's governing documents, browse college catalogs and yearbooks, and relive memories of the honored speakers who have participated in the distinguished Wilson-Gross and Staley Lectures.

The Archives preserve Union's proud legacy as an institution of higher learning and a vital component of life in the Barbourville community.

Digital collection is available through:

For purposes of security and preservation, the Archives is a non-circulating collection housed in a climate-controlled room that is kept locked and unlit when not in use. To access the archival collection or to donate material, see the “Contact” section below.

Mission Statement

The Union College Archives collects, organizes, preserves and makes available materials that document the life and history of Union College, its administration, faculty, staff, alumni and organizations. The Archives exists to promote knowledge and understanding and to stimulate teaching and learning regarding Union College and its place in the larger community. The Archive collections also constitute the institutional memory of the College.


Please direct any questions and archives collection inquiries to

Madeleine Schense - Reference, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian 606-546-1248