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Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library


Since 1879, Union College has compiled a history that reflects its uncompromising commitment to excellence. Awards have been won by faculty, staff, and students, concerts and plays have been performed by talented artists within its halls, and new buildings have been dedicated to the ongoing college mission.

As the milestones that mark Union's proud heritage come and go, the records of those treasured moments are collected in the library Archives. Here you can peruse the college's governing documents, browse college catalogs and yearbooks, and relive memories of the honored speakers who have participated in the distinguished Wilson-Gross and Staley Lectures.

The Archives preserve Union's proud legacy as an institution of higher learning and a vital component of life in the Barbourville community.

Classification Schedule
Union College

The Union College Archives is comprised of the following Record Groups and Collections:

 0  General

1  Trustees

2  President

3  Academic Affairs

4  Business Services

5  Musical Events

6  College Milestones

7  Library Services

8  Registrar

9  Theatrical Productions

10  Athletics

11  Advancement and Development

12  Spiritual Life/Campus Minister

13  Graduate Studies

14  Special Programs

15  Homecoming

16  Bennett Center

17  Student Events and Honors

18  Special Collections

19  Academic Departments

20  Faculty

21  Academic Programs and Services

22  College and Student Organizations

23  Community and Cultural Events

24  Alumni

25  Personal Papers

26  Personal Collection-Books

27  Special Collection-Books

28  Centennial Celebration

29  Student Publications

30  Buildings and Grounds

31  Photographs

32  Local Community

33  Methodist Church

34  Archival Items – Multisource

35  Union College Staff

36 Admissons & Financial Aid

37 Student & College Life