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Special Collections

A guide for the Union College Special Collections


The Abraham Lincoln-Civil War collection was previously held in Speed Hall before transferring to what is now the Weeks-Townsend Memorial Library.

This collection contains roughly 2,600 books about Abraham Lincoln, the American Civil War, and American life during the 1840s-60s. There are bound volumes of Civil War History, Civil War Times Illustrated, Lincoln Herald, Lincoln Lore, and other journals related to Lincoln and the American Civil War available in the Reading Room for easy access. Along with written works, the collection features Lincoln memorabilia including commemorative coins, bullets from the Civil War, large and small framed artworks, and a marble piece from Lincoln's tomb. 

The collection is currently housed in the Kronk Room, named after former Union College student Jeffrey Kronk passed away in 1967. The senior class of that year created the Class of 1967 - Kronk Memorial Fund for the purpose of bettering the Lincoln collection. While the room is usually locked and climate controlled, the Kronk Room also acts as a teaching space within the library.


A complete list of books and journals in the collection can be found below.

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